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About Us




    Zhejiang Kaitai Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. is a amperex company wholly owned by Taizhou Songben Electric Technology Co., LTD. The company was founded in 2005, is a selfoperated export production enterprise, set design, research and development, production and sales of all kinds of air compressor, welding and cutting equipment professional enterprises, has a wide range of market base and customer resources in China and overseas.

  The company currently has over 150 employees, including technical department, production department, quality department, sales department, finance department, after-sales service department, and other departments. In order to improve product quality and enhance product competitiveness in the market, the company has established a comprehensive quality assurance system, fully implemented the ISO14000 environmental protection system, and fully implemented 6S management in the factory. All products comply with European EMC standards and Rohs control standards, and all have obtained CCC certification issued by the Chinese Quality Certification Center.

    Under the leadership of Chairman Ye Guanbing, all employees of the company pursue a professional, differentiated, and refined management approach, striving to develop products in a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly direction, striving to make the enterprise stronger and larger, and build Kaitai into the national brand of Taizhou Enterprise.




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